The Podcast Success Academy

Teaching you the digital skills that no-one told you that you needed as a podcaster.

Mark Asquith - British Podcaster, Founder of Rebel Base Media & Keynote Speaker -_

Hey, I'm Mark Asquith.

I'm CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, the UK based podcast tech group that builds Captivate.fm, Podcast Websites, Poductivity and of course, the Podcast Success Academy.

Back in 2014, Rebel Base Media CTO and co-founder, Kieran and I created our first platform in podcasting, Podcast Websites, which is now the world's #1 managed WordPress solution for podcasters.

Coming from a design, marketing and business building background, when I started my own podcast network in 2013 I quickly realised that being a successful podcaster and audio influencer isn't just about creating a brilliant podcast.

In fact, there are so many skills required to build a podcast's brand that no-one ever tells you about. Things like SEO, email marketing, how to get the right sponsors and so much more are skills that aren't always mentioned when you're sold the dream of a successful podcast.

And so, in early 2015 we created The Podcast Success Academy as part of our Podcast Websites offer to teach people those skills - the very skills that I learned over years of running my agency.

Later, we created a dedicated website for this Academy so that we could help every podcaster to achieve their own version of podcasting success, and I'm personally honoured to be able to say that we've helped thousands of podcasters to launch, grow and generate revenue through their podcast.

You won't find any jargon here. You'll only find straight-talking, actionable education that you can use right now to grow your podcast.

And if you need anything, let me know personally - you can get me on mark [at] rebelbasemedia [dot] io.

Here's to this wonderful medium and to your success within.