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Everybody Has Talents But Go Where Your Passion Takes You – Catherine Praiswater – Your Positive Imprint

Catherine’s journey to podcasting has unusual beginnings – with a door-to-door solicitor ringing her doorbell.

That set her on the road to her forthcoming launch of her show called Your Positive Imprint.

It’s stories from people all over the world who are doing something for our tomorrow. She’s already interviewed dozens of people to hear what they are doing to make their positive imprint, with lots more planned.

Her podcast will be launching around Christmas 2018, but she’s already learned lots along the way to share with us.

James Marriott meets Catherine to hear about her bumpy podcasting journey, tinged with tragedy along the way, and get her Top Tips. And you can also get Catherine’s bonus tip in the Podcast Success Academy right now.


Catherine’s Top Quotes:

“I love listening to podcasts but I wanted to do something different – something in the human interest.”

“I have met so many people around the world who are doing so many things for our tomorrow – even if they’re little tiny things like giving notebooks to kids to write stories.”

“They are the stories from you and me – they’re not politicians, celebrities or corporate big wigs – they are people we meet every single day of our life – in the store, at the airport – who have an imprint.”

“People have an imprint and they don’t know it.”

“Everybody has talents and niches but you have to go with where your passion takes you.”

“You have to be flexible and open to change.”

“Your perspective changes when you start interviewing people and you have to reflect on those changes daily.”

“There’s always somebody on the corner that I want to interview”

“You need to pull the stories that you think listeners want to hear”

Links to Catherine and her show: *Coming soon*

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