In four years of podcasting, David Shriner-Cahn has produced over 400 episodes of his show Smashing The Plateau.

David’s background is in business and he used to publish written interviews on his blog five times a week. In time, he realised a podcast would be a better outlet for these interviews and that’s how Smashing The Plateau was born.

His twice a week interview show discusses what it takes to get to the finish line, in business and in life.

James Marriott catches us with David to hear about his three Top Tips to podcasting success.

You can get a bonus tip from David in his written case study, in the Resources section of the Podcast Success Academy right now.


David’s Top Quotes:

“The thing to realise about content creation is it’s really important to find the method that works for you.

“The podcast method works much better than the written blog for me.

“Don’t focus on quality first, focus on consistency first, then frequency, then quality – do it in that order

“If you think about before digital content, any kind of media publication almost always would come out on a schedule – so your daily newspaper, you’d expect to be able to go to your newsstand in the morning and get a copy. If it only came out on random basis you’d probably stop buying the newspaper. Podcasting works the same way.

“I find that it’s really important for the schedule to work with you – and your audience too.

“You do need to have quality content, especially with a podcast, otherwise people aren’t going to tune in.

“I’m always thinking about what’s changing in the world of podcasting, what’s changing in the world of business, what’s changing in the world of leadership that we want to tap into and address in our show.

“One of the most important tools for somebody who is creating content is a content calendar, so if you know you need to take a break from your podcast for a month, then you record enough episodes ahead of time, get them ready and the software is available so you can schedule them to be released.”

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