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I haven’t met anyone who I haven’t found fascinating in their own right – Steve Lazarus, Your London Legacy

Steve Lazarus had barely listened to a podcast just 18 months ago.

But having an operation on his back and discovering podcasts in recovery led to him launching his very own podcast, Your London Legacy.

Just two months after it launched, it’s already finding early success with some amazing guests and fantastic stories

James Marriott caught up with Steve to hear about the unique story to how he came into podcasting and his hopes for the future.

Steve has three Top Tips that might just help you on your podcasting journey too – plus a bonus tip which you can study in the Podcast Success Academy now


“I found it a really interesting way to relax when I was in hospital”

“I think in time it’ll grow and grow and hopefully in time it will overtake my day to day business.”

“One of the key things I learned early on is you need to establish who your audience is”

“The trick is getting the person to believe they have a story of interest and getting the information out of them”

“There’s so many different aspects to creating a successful podcast – you can’t go into this half-hearted”

“I haven’t met somebody yet who I haven’t found fascinating in their own right”

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